Vertical Markets

There is more to security than just designing security products. Understanding the business requirement where solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Whether these requirements are generated by day-to-day conditions, business needs or legal regulations or requirements, they must be considered when designing a system. We build integrated security solutions that are specifically designed for specific needs of specific users.


Protecting multiple geographic locations, research and trade secrets, as well as regulating employee and visitor access and to use electronic security systems as business management support are major priorities of the IT/ITES. A scalable and expendable Integrated Enterprise solution is needed in this environment of rapid change.

Utilizing an integrated enterprise solutions rather than disparate silos of security means that data can be centralized and used in real time to track trends and problems for entire facility. With access control, Dev Enterprises brings seamless integrated platform for connecting multi-location facilities across country. CMS’s Visitor Management system integrates with access control for effectively managing multitude of visitor is apart of the integrated solutions offer from Dev Enterprises. Dev Enterprises Access control when integrated with Video System provides a complete solution for better control.

Banks are prime targets for theft, both internally and externally. Dev Enterprises can customize a solution to protect your employees, visitors, financial operations and data from unwanted intruders. Dev Enterprises integrated security solution has the experience with these standards to help guide customers to develop a fully compliant system. Different areas of banks especially ATMs & Retail branches have different requirement, and Dev Enterprises provides solutions that meet these needs.


Dev Enterprises Access control can provide the basis of the system for a transportation hub-by restricting access to sensitive or dangerous areas, Dev Enterprises helps these hubs run without interruptions. Integrating that access control capability with video in the hub, and even in the vehicles, means that not only is access restricted; there is evidence of what people are doing and trying. Advances in video analytics mean that the collected video data can be used to proactively address security and safety concerns.

To protect itself from liabilities, heavy industry relies upon Dev Enterprises Access Control Security solutions to tightly monitor employee and visitor access to dangerous facilities. Dev Enterprises along with global OEMs offer a comprehensive line of products, knowledge and experience, and the support required to protect the hardest, most volatile environment in today’s global industrial marketplace.
For Companies with strong needs in perimeter and intrusion control, Dev Enterprises can provide that external protection integrated with the Dev Enterprises access control that runs inside of the building. And integrated video solutions mean that security officer can watch the perimeter as well as problem areas inside the facility.

Airports/ Ports

Dev Enterprises has complete, integrated, offerings everything from boom barrier and video solutions for the perimeter to visitor management and card access for offices. Across the entire airport Dev Enterprises’s solution make sure that the right people are getting access, while new tools, such as video analysis, make sure that the data that is gathered can be used as quickly and easily as possible.

Retail / Mall

While retailers are very focused on store security to help prevent shrinkage, they do not often look at the potential of truly integrated security solutions. Dev Enterprises offer retailers solutions that specifically address the needs of retailers. Using access control to secure access to warehouse and store doors, Dev Enterprises offer retailers control over who enter which area and when they enter. Through DVR/NVR, retailer has the option of a total retail solution, including video surveillance and POS integration.

For retailer are looking for branding their outlet. This could be done through Kiosk. Kiosk solutions help the customers to drive revenue, which differentiates their brand, streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. They are ergonomically designed, are space-effective, serve multiple functions, possess remote management capability and offer unlimited future potential.

With increasing pressure to strengthen Campus Safety, school and universities need solutions targeted specifically for their environment. They need to protect existing investment and allow for smooth transitions for future technology.
Dev Enterprises integrated solutions provide Campus solutions that uses card based technology and integrate Library management, access control, time attendance, cafeteria and fees payment.