Security Products -Mobile DVR

A unique solution based on the mobile internet that goes beyond the conventional surveillance solutions currently available in the market. Conventional systems require the presence of internet for remote surveillance. Mobile DVR can not only make audio-video available on the internet but also using the mobile network at GPRS speeds. The adaptive media technology makes it possible to continuously stream video on the available network throughput by adjusting the video quality.
Top features –
• Audio – video on mobile internet (GPRS) for remote surveillance.
• Strictly adheres to open standards and protocols, making the DVR compatible to all such products.
• Audio video to a mobile phone as well as any client connected through the internet.
• Adaptive video technology makes it possible to continue surveillance even in cases where the network throughput is very low.
• Local and remote recording
• Tested on Airtel , TataIndicom and Reliance networks
• Configurable notification for alarms