Integrated Display

 Integrated Display and Passenger Information System (For Railways, Transport Segment)

The Integrated Passenger Information System consists of:
• Control Console Units in redundant mode loaded with software for announcement,
• Display boards of different sizes, Coach Guidance display boards, At-a-glance display boards,
• CCTV, Main Data Communication Hub (MDCH) and Platform Data Communication Hub (PDCH)
The multiline display board shall display train information and platform number for multiple trains at a time.
At-a-glance display board with coach guidance can be provided at entry of platform to indicate the details of train arriving on that platform or departing with coach composition of train as per the requirement. The multiline display boards can be located at the main entrance/ concourse and platform display boards at suitable places on platforms/ foot-over bridges. The CCTV monitors will display the train information similar to that displayed by a display board. All these systems are interacting on a network at different stations for carrying out operation from a centralized Control Room.